Safe Haven

Bridging Cultures & Building Futures

Waipahu Safe Haven is dedicated to serving the diverse immigrant and migrant populations in Waipahu, offering a range of programs designed to empower individuals and families towards self-sustainability and community contribution. Led by Chuukese and Marshallese steering committees, the organization provides tailored services including employment assistance, sewing and cultural crafting classes, adult education, computer literacy, and after-school tutorials for kids. The center, initially a computer access and sewing training site, has evolved to address broader community needs, focusing on language access, and cultural sensitivity to support the success of Marshallese, Chuukese, Samoan, Filipino, and other communities. By offering holistic programs and leveraging partnerships, Safe Haven aims to enhance economic sustainability, improve access to education, and foster a supportive environment for English Language Learners and their families.

Empowering the Waipahu Community Through Tailored ProgramsThe Waipahu Safe Haven stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for the immigrant and migrant populations of Waipahu. With a mission deeply rooted in providing holistic programs and services, the organization focuses on language access and serving as a guiding resource. Through the leadership of Chuukese and Marshallese steering committees, Safe Haven aligns its offerings with the community's needs, ensuring programs like employment assistance, sewing, cultural crafting, adult education, computer literacy, and after-school tutorials are both accessible and beneficial. The "Hele to Work" program, sewing and crafting classes, and comprehensive adult education courses are examples of how Safe Haven facilitates skills development and economic sustainability.

From Foundation to Future: The Evolution of Safe HavenOriginally established to enhance computer access and develop sewing skills for income generation, Waipahu Safe Haven has expanded its focus to encompass a broader range of services aimed at uplifting the community. This evolution reflects a commitment to not only improving individual success rates but also assisting families in escaping poverty. The center's unique approach includes providing free language interpretation and culturally sensitive services to meet the diverse needs of its primary beneficiaries, including the Marshallese and Chuukese families, as well as Samoan and Filipino communities. By fostering a supportive environment and offering critical resources, Safe Haven plays a pivotal role in the community's journey towards success and self-reliance.

Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Community SupportAt the heart of Waipahu Safe Haven's success are its Chuukese and Marshallese steering committees, which embody the center's commitment to culturally sensitive service provision. These committees engage in weekly discussions to navigate challenges, identify community needs, and build mutual support networks. This collaborative approach ensures that programs are not only effective but resonate with the participants' cultural values and experiences. As Safe Haven continues to grow with the support of partners and the community, its focus remains on empowering English Language Learners and their families, paving the way for a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

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